Court Filing

Physical file court documents with the One Legal contractor network

What is physical court filing?

Physical court filing refers to the process of submitting physical documents to a court as part of a legal case or proceeding. This is often required in courts that have not yet implement electronic court filing.

This can include filing a complaint or petition to initiate a case, submitting evidence or legal briefs in support of a position, or filing a response to a legal action taken by another party.

Physical court filing is typically done in person at the courthouse or through the mail, and it may involve paying a filing fee. The documents that are filed with the court become part of the official court record, and they may be reviewed by judges and other court officials as part of the legal proceedings.

What does a contractor do to physically file at court?

When physically court filing, the contractor will print, correctly assemble, and deliver court documents to the clerk. It may also involve paying any court filing fees that are required on behalf of the filer.

The contractor must also return copies of conformed documents (documents stamped by the court clerk and as accepted into the court record) to the customer, by either scanning or photographing the stamped page.

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