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Join our extensive network of skilled process servers and court runners. As a contractor with One Legal, you gain access to thousands of jobs from our vast customer base.

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Back office support

No data entry to create jobs, back-and-forth with clients, or preparing proofs. We'll do the office work so you can focus on the field work.


With One Legal, you're in control. You define your coverage area and we'll offer you jobs. Accept or decline based on your availability / capacity.

Fast payment

We pay promptly every single week. As soon as a job is complete, we arrange your pay — direct into your bank account.

How Partnering with One Legal Works

Experience required: We seek professional process servers with at least a year’s experience. Where necessary, appropriate registration or licensing is required.

Effortless onboarding: Becoming a contractor with us is straightforward. A simple online process, quick staff review, and you could be up and running in a few days.

Back-office Support: We handle customer interactions, document reviews, proof of service preparations, and more. We provide you with access to ServeManager – a leading tool in the industry – allowing you to focus solely on field work.

Service provided: Our contractors deliver crucial services, including service of process, courtesy copy delivery, and physical court filing.

Our Commitment: We pride ourselves on providing excellent back-office support, a plethora of job opportunities, reliable payments, and a dedication to nurturing long-lasting relationships with our contractors.

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